what sets us apart from the competition...



A unique identification tag

A small dog bone shaped tag is added to each collar we make. The tag contains our contact information and a unique number.  When you purchase a collar, you have the option to register it on our website, which will enable us to contact you in the event your dog is ever lost and then found by an agency or individual.  We do not give out personal information, and will contact you directly with the finder's contact information.  


Biothane coated webbing

BioThane®️ coated webbing is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. All of the coatings - matte, semi-gloss, and gloss - are cleanable, strong, and resist mold and mildew. The material does not absorb odors and will outlast leather and nylon. Under normal use, the material does not get tacky or sticky, and remains flexible in cold weather.

stainless steel hardware

The hardware on our collars and leashes is stainless steel.  The buckles and o-rings are nothing to sneeze at and the martingale chains lie flat.