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It all started when...

In the summer of 2017 I was in Sonoma, California helping my brother and mom with their draft horses.  I do this about twice a month since I live so close, and the time spent with them is incredibly enjoyable.  We participate is a couple of draft horse shows each year where the horses are driven in competitions and are shown in halter classes.  If you are familiar with draft horses you know they wear harness when being driven.  Well, one Saturday afternoon I was cleaning the driving lines after a practice run with the horses and got to talking to my brother about the material the lines were made out of.  All he knew was that it was called Beta.  And this is how it began...

I went home that evening and researched this thing called Beta and was I surprised!  Beta is made by BioThane US and is used in a wide variety of industries - animals, sports, space, and military.  It is made in different sizes, shapes, colors, and strengths.  It is waterproof, resistant to odors and mildew, UV resistant, strong, durable, and the list goes on and on.  I started to think of what I could make with this and the first thing that came to mind was dog collars, specifically martingale dog collars.

Why martingale dog collars?  Because it is the only collar I use on my dogs.  Martingale collars are sometimes referred to as “no-slip” collars because a dog can’t back out of them like a regular collar.  Whenever I went shopping for a martingale collar, I could never find what I wanted so I made it.

It took me a little time to figure out how to make the collars - materials, sizing, and colors.  When I first started, I used Beta BioThane and nickel hardware.  Over time, I bought and used different BioThane - Beta, Gold 100, and Gold 300 - to figure out what materials worked best for the collars and leashes I wanted to offer.  I also switched from nickel to stainless steel hardware.  The end result is a long-lasting and affordable product.

On a personal level, the main goal of my business is to offer a quality product pet owners will use and recommend.  The well-being and safety of your dogs is my top priority.  It’s up to us as owners and guardians to do what we can to keep them safe as they live their lives as our best friend and faithful companions.  Each and every animal has the right to a long and wonderful life.  Let’s help them achieve this.