BioThane Flat Buckle Collars

BioThane flat buckle collars are available in Beta, Beta reflective, high flex, glow-in-the-dark, and camouflage. All flat buckle collars are made with stainless steel hardware - one buckle, two o-rings, and rivets to hold it all together. Availability of sizes and colors vary.

BioThane Martingale Collars

BioThane martingale collars are simple and solid. Made with one piece of BioThane and all stainless steel hardware, this collar will last a lifetime. It can be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned with a little mild soap and warm water.

Beta BioThane Leashes

Beta BioThane leashes are available in multiple widths, lengths, and colors. They are made with two Conway buckles and a snap - that’s it! If you are looking for a long-lasting reliable and strong leash, this is it. They can be taken apart and cleaned with minimal fuss and downtime.